Twiggy – June 18, 2017

Yarn: (YYC Knits)Princes Island Park – 100% Organic Merino Fingering Weight

Note: Any Fingering Weight Yarn Will Do.

Sizing: (Toddler/Child, Adult, Extra Slouchy Adult)

Gauge: 7sts./1″ in stockinette stitch (blocked)

Needles: U.S. 2, 2.75mm – 16″ circular needle. DPNS or magic loop for finishing the crown.

We are a stockist of HiyaHiya needles. They can be found on our website HERE.


C2R – Slip the next two sts. from LH to RH needle purlwise.  Slide LH needle into the back of the second stitch on the RH needle.  Gently slip RH needle out of these two sts. then back onto the first stitch.  These two stitches are now crossed.  The stitch on the RH needle has already been slipped purlwise.  Knit the crossed stitch on the LH needle.  You have just completes a C2R without a cable needle.

C2L – Slip the next two sts. From LH to RH needle purlwise.  Slide LH needle into the front of the second stitch on the RH needle.  Gently slip RH needle out of these two sts. then back into the first stitch.  These two stitches are now crossed.  Place the stitch from the RH needle up and onto the LH needle purlwise.  Knit this stitch and slip the second stitch purlwise onto the RH needle.  You have just completed a C2L without a cable needle.

K2tog – Knit two together

Ktbl – Knit through the back loop instead of the front as you normally would

LH – Left Hand

RH – Right Hand

SSK – Slip the first two sts. as if to purl, knit these two sts. through the back loop.

sts. – Stitches


Cast on (133, 157, 185)sts using extra stretchy cast on of your choice. (I used a German cast on and a jogless join) See link to video below.

My favorite extra stretchy cast on and jogless join can be found HERE!

With (132, 156, 184)sts now on your needles, *(K2tbl,P2) repeat from * around. Continue for 1.5″ of ribbing.

Next Round: Decrease Round

Cable Chart A must be divisible by 13 for knitting the body of the hat in pattern.

Follow decrease round below for the size you are knitting.

Toddler/Child: * (K1, K2tog, K63) repeat from * = 2sts decreased (130)sts. 130/13=10

Adult: No Decreases Needed.  Knit around for one round.  156/13=12

Extra Slouchy Adult: * (K1, K2tog, K75) repeat from * = 2sts decreased (182)sts. 182/13=14


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Snakes n’ Snails & Puppy Dog Tails – June 6, 2017

Snakes n’ Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

That’s what little boys are made of…

Yarn:  (YYC Knits)Princes Island Park – 100% Organic Merino Fingering Weight

Note: Any Fingering Weight Yarn Will Do.

You may want to substitute a sport weight yarn and size up your needles in order to gain a larger end product if a larger hat is desired.

Sizing:  Newborn (10.5″ circumference) blocked.  4 1/2″ from cast on edge to crown.

Gauge:  8 sts./1″ on

Needles:  U.S. 3, 3.25mm – 9″ circular needle.  DPNS or magic loop for finishing the crown.

We are a stockist of HiyaHiya 9’circular needles.  They can be found on our website HERE.


Cast on 81 sts. using extra stretchy cast on of your choice.  (I used a German cast on and will link a video below)

Jogless join to work in the round (80 sts.)

My favorite cast on and jogless join can be found HERE!

With 80 sts, now on your needles, K2,P2 around.  Continue for 1″ of ribbing.

Next Round:  Increase Round *(K19, kfb), repeat from * around = 4 sts. increased (84 sts.)



you will now alternate knitting 3 full repeats of 7 stitch paw print lace pattern (Chart A) for the body of the hat as follows:

Round 1: *(Knit 7, work row 1 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 2: Knit around

Round 3: *(Knit 7, work row 2 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 4: Knit around

Round 5: *(Knit 7, work row 3 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 6: Knit around

Round 7: *(Knit 7, work row 4 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 8: Knit around

Round 9: *(Knit 7, work row 5 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 10: Knit around

Round 11: *(Knit 7, work row 6 of chart) repeat from * around

Round 12: Knit around

Repeat above 12 rounds by alternating paw print as follows:

Round 13: *(Work Row 1 of chart, Knit 7) repeat from * around

Round 14: Knit around

Round 15: *(Work Row 2 of chart, Knit 7) repeat from * around

Work another full repeat of chart rows 1-6 as established

Round 25: Continue 3rd and final repeat of chart following Round 1-12 as written above.


After 3 full repeats of staggered paw print lace pattern decrease crown as follows:

*(K5, K2tog), repeat from * around


*(K4, K2tog), repeat from * around


*(K3, K2tog), repeat from * around


*(K2, K2tog), repeat from * around


*(K1, K2tog), repeat from * around


K2tog around

Cut yarn leaving a 6″ tail and thread through remaining stitches twice around cinching tight and weaving in end on the inside of hat using a duplicate stitch and a darning needle.

Et Voila!

Top with a pom pom if preferred.

Puppy Paw Lace Chart A: 

You can certainly play around with different stitch patterns and designs using the base pattern.  Below, I did a simple dot pattern by alternating a purl stitch around the body of the hat on every other knit round.

Have Fun and Happy Knitting!

Busy Bee – March 29, 2016

Busy Bee~ When I was just a wee one, my family moved from the country into to the city.  We lived right close to market mall and “Momma” used to walk there with me often.  We would take a stroll to the mall and go for lunch at the Woodwards food floor.  There was a lady who worked there that fell right in love with me; dressed in this little scarf hat and sun suit, I earned the name “Busy Bee.”  Yep, “that’s me!”~ lol…  While wracking my brain for a name for my latest hand knit creation, the name “Busy Bee” came to me.  The “Honeycomb Cable” in the history of Aran isle knitting represented the “hardworking honey bee.”  Therefore, this cable pattern was incorporated into the hand knit Guernsey’s of these hardworking men who would go out to sea.



I had so much fun with the making of this hat.  While in no way am I claiming it to be an original, as I have seen it done before… I did construct this hat using all of my favorite techniques and in the process, having a lot of fun playing with this honeycomb cable.  I am a big fan of a knit fold under hem and would love to see this hat with a bumblebee topper and a black fold under hem.  I will certainly make this again in this manner and eventually write it up in PDF format and post it as a “FREE download” on Ravelry.

For now, you will just have to “copy and paste” this rough draft into your favorite word program in order to print it out.  I would absolutely LOVE to see your finished objects, so please, don’t forget to post them on Ravelry and Happy Knitting!~

Busy Bee

NOTE:  Pattern has been tested and tech edited via my group found under YYC Knits on Ravelry.   The updated PDF is downloadable on Ravelry (link above)  If you are following the directions below, please note that there may be changes that have NOT been noted on the “original ” blog post below…

By Lesley L. Paskevich

YYC Knits

Guage: 6sts./1” and 24 rows on larger needle in honeycomb pattern

6sts./1” In K2, P2 rib on smaller needle unsretched

Recommended Yarn:  2 skeins Malabrigo Rios – Colorway: 1 Frank Ochre, 1 Black

Notions: 4.5mm and 5.0mm hat needles, 5.0 mm DPNS for decreasing crown, stitch markers, darning needle, scissors.

I used 88.92 g of 2 ply wool from Custom Woolen Mills

This particular yarn is fairly scratchy and could use a merino hem. I would love to see it hemmed in black to follow the bumblebee motif as a decorative feature too.  The bulk of the honeycomb cable could certainly withstand a sturdy hem. In order to do so, I would start in the black with a provisional cast on.   Knit the desired hem width, then change to the main color.  Knit one round.  Purl one round.  Then begin knitting in rib.  When the amount of ribbing to hem are equal, join by knitting two together; the provisional end to the working end.  I have a whole series on how to do this on my YouTube Channel.  I also found an adorable little bumblebee beanie key chain that would be sweet as a topper for your hat, that is, if your willing to pay the price.  These can be found on eBay and/or Amazon.


With 4.5 mm 9” circular hat knitting needle or needle required to get gauge

Cast On: 
Kids, cast on 113 sts.  / Adults, cast on 137 sts.
Kids 16”/ Adults 20”
Jogless join in the round being careful not to twist


With 112/136 sts. now on needle and marker in place, k2, p2 around for 10 rounds or 1.5”

Begin knitting honeycomb cable pattern in the round

Begin knitting with 5mm 9” hat needle and knit to end of round, PM
Round 1: C4B, C4F rep. from around
Rounds 2, 3 & 4: Knit
Round 5: C4F, C4B rep. from around
Rounds 6, 7 & 8 : Knit

Rep. Rounds 1-8 above to 7.5”

Decrease Crown:

On round 8: (the last knit row before cable round) PM, after every 27/34 sts.

ON EVERY Decrease Round = 8 sts. DECREASED
Round 1: K 27/34 sts., PM rep. From around
Round 2: (cbl. round) Knitting in cbl. pattern as established, sl2 sts. to cbl. hold in back of work, ssk, K2 following in cbl. pattern to two sts. before marker K2tog, SM, SSK to last 4 sts. before end if round sl 2 to cbl hold in front k2tog. , knit two from cbl. needle
Round 3: ssk, knit to next marker, k2tog, SM, ssk rep. fromto last 2 sts. K2tog
Round 4: Repeat round 3.
Round 5: Repeat round 3.
Round 6: (cbl.round) so 2 sts. on cbl hold in front, SSK, k2, in pattern to next marker continue with decreases in pattern.
continue working on DPNS when required
Round 7: Repeat round 3.
Round 8: Repeat round 3.
Round 9: Repeat round 3.
Round 10: (cbl.round) so 2 sts. on cbl hold in back SSK, k2, in pattern to next marker continue with decreases in pattern.
Round 11: Repeat round 3.
Round 12: Repeat round 3.
Round 13: Repeat round 3.

K2 TOG around

Cinch up!~

Top with your favorite pom pom!  I wrapped about 150 times around four fingers.   I just used all the rest of my skein for this.

P_20160328_170506_medium2 P_20160328_154539_medium2

Up next:

***** for cowl cast on 80 additional sts.*****

Children’s Cardigan – March 3, 2016


Hey there knitters, I have been having a ton of fun constructing my latest design “Red” with the help of my 8 year old son!  He requested I knit him a cozy sweater, he wanted it to be red and he wanted buttons.  He decided in the end, he wanted pockets for frogs and worms.  Currently, and thankfully they are housing a few rocks instead.  I felt it may be helpful to post a tidbit on how the pocket construction started to take shape.  It certainly wasn’t without a bit of trial and error and as always, a good bit of research.  I just have to say, this sweater went together very quickly in our very own kettle dyed, bulky weight, North Glenmore Park certified organic merino wool.  It’s the finishing touches that seem to take up a lot of time.  The buttons were constructed from antler and I’m just absolutely enamored with them.  I purchased a small chunk of deer antler from our local pet supply and sent it to work with my husband to cut on the chop saw.   From there, they were sent home with papa where he drilled a few perfectly placed holes in the center.  The greatest part of all is, this sweater has been a family affair and has been constructed with pride and touched by those who love my son.  This sweater will always be cherished and will be something to be handed down from generation to generation.

The body of the sweater was knit top down back and forth.  Gentle raglan shaping was used until the sleeves could be separated and placed on waste yarn.  The body was knit down until the desired length was achieved.  the greatest part about top down construction is that the garment can be tried on as you go!  We achieved the desired length of the body and prior to knitting a ribbing for the body, we decided to use a small provisional cast on to begin the button band.  we used a method of attaching as you go and knit a double seed stitch button band from the right front up and around to the left side of the cardigan.  We then placed our “live” stitches for the body and including the live button band stitches at each side, we knit a fisherman’s rib to complete the body of our cardigan.  We used the same ribbing for the cuffs and made sure we had some extra room to grow.  The buttons were then attached and voila!  “Red” our Children’s Cardigan pattern was born.

Below are a few photo’s showing you how we completed the pockets on this fun little children’s cardigan!


Picking up the right leg of every “V” and leaving one row of stitches between we inserted some bamboo needles for top and bottom of pocket. making sure we had the right leg of every knitted “V” and only one knit row between our two needles, we took our scissors and snipped this middle stitch.  We carefully unraveled an “opening” between both needles but we were certain to NOT unravel the last two stitches on both sides of both needles.

The photo below shows how we did this.




I inserted my circular needle and using my working yarn, began to knit around.  Knit one round.  On the second round, Purl one round.  *  I continued to knit around until I reached a length where the inside of the pocket was equal with our sweater body and landed just above the ribbing.  I would love to see the inside of the pocket knit in a contrasting color and we would do this by dropping our working yarn and picking up a contrasting yarn just after we complete the purl from * above.


The one thing you want to be sure of when you pick up these stitches is that you pick up the right leg of every knit stitch and the stitches are oriented the correct way on the needles prior to knitting around or you will end up with a few twisted stitches.




Knit pocket to desired length at which point you will want to graft your stitches.  After my pocket was grafted, I turned the pocket to the inside of the cardigan and tacked each corner using the duplicate stitch on the inside of the cardigan.  I found the following video one of the simplest to follow on grafting you work (kitchener stitch).  It’s very straightforward.  Do not be afraid!




Valentines – February 10, 2016


Valentines, the most romantic time of the year and certainly a favorite of mine as it’s my special anniversary day!  I LOVE Valentines!  I am offering a special discount of 10% off all our pinks and reds in celebration of this wonderful day!  Listed below is the ravelry link to a few of my favorite things that I have made from the colors of romance!   There is nothing better than a racy red sweater or a pale pink beret to get the blood flowing in a positive direction.  Use your coupon code “valentines” at the checkout and save until February 14th!

  1. Meathead Hat by Larissa Brown
  2. Mailin by Isabell Kraemer
  3. Giftie Slouchie Beanie by Tanis Gray
  4. Mpito by Silke H.
  5. Skinny Fit Mitts by Andrea Black
  6. Big Lace Scarf by Joelle Hoverson
  7. Snufkie by Ayako Monier
  8. Snappy Hat by Corrina Ferguson
  9. Pink Paper Bag by Susan B. Anderson
  10. Drunken Cable Legwarmers by
  11. Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa LaBarre
  12. Capuchon by Tagil Perlmutter
  13. Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson
  14. Cocoon by La Maison Rililie

Happy New Year! – January 31, 2016

I wrote this draft what seemed like the beginning of January but the time we got into the swing of the new year, weeks had passed… I cannot believe it’s January 31st and I’m just finishing it off now! I have been meaning to update the blog and in looking at our past posts we have been keeping with the theme of one a month so it is this we will try and stick with. I just want to say that first and foremost on my mind is that I am thankful! The best part of being in business for self is the flexibility it provides. Once in a while I try to imagine myself in a traditional role of being employed and sitting at a desk, I imagine the telephone ringing and it’s my children’s school. My child just barfed allover his teacher and I, am not able to leave…

Here in my kitchen, that is not the case. As you may not know I am a busy mom of three young children ages 6, 8 and 10 and I am thankful that when the phone rang last week and it was the school telling me my baby was sick, I was out the door in 5 minutes. I was able to keep her home for a few days until she was well and no longer contagious and a few days after sending her to school, I got the call again. This time for my son. The school secretary said he looked tepid, so again I was out the door and at the school in 20 mins flat. I was home two days with him, nursing him and allowing him the rest he needed to get back on his feet! Working on a whole new bunch of colorways while seeing he was getting the love and nourishment he needed to get well. I’m so very thankful! I’m thankful for the flexibility that being an entrepreneur allows and I’m thankful my boss is not going to fire me next week when, for the third time, my oldest starts puking… because I’m almost certain I will get that call.

Change of gears…

I have been so busy since the launch of my site in September. The other night I had a dream! I dreamt there was a store opened up in the South of our great city. They called It YYC Knits. I was mortified!!! What a horrible, horrible nightmare! The next day, having to renew our vehicle registrations and file our annual return for our corporation at the registry I found myself saving the trade name under our corporate umbrella. My husband and I now OWN the trade name YYC Knits! Yippeeeeee…




If that’s not exciting enough, I have put out 4 designs for my absolute favorite; Malabrigo yarn. I also have great aspirations to write a book. Of course, I believe we are blessed with the right people at the right time entering into our friendship circles and a beautiful young woman that has started knitting with us from my very own community, who is a technical writer has offered up her services for wool!!! This is HUGE!!! Our first plan of actions is to “TECH EDIT” the patterns that I have put out thus far and make certain they are flawless because I know that at the moment, they are not! This is great news and a HUGE monkey off my back as I have felt as though I have been spread very thin with all that I have on the go at the moment! I will be contacting Malabrigo for the materials and we shall be on our way! We will start with the Moose Knuckle Mittens as we have had 725 Unique Downloads since the pattern was posted in December. I have yet to post the 5th pattern “Diamonds” as I just want to make sure it’s golden prior to putting it up!  The world of design has been such a great experience and I have learned so much along the way. I have definitely learned all too well the amount of work that goes into it.  From initial thoughts to conception, to the writing, manufacturing, editing and photography. What’s more is my patterns at times have some complex techniques and therefore I’m also behind the scenes, knitting up my next video and posting the YouTube link to help out the visual learners as I myself am a visual learner.




Designing aside, we have our whole line of yarns up on Ravelry as of now and we are currently looking for a shepherd who wants to provide us with the fleece that we can have processed into our own Alberta blend! In fact we may have met the perfect match already so we are very excited about this next prospect as supporting our local farmers is key!
In a perfect world, all of my yarns would come from within a 50 mile radius and be spun at my favorite local mill~

As I mentioned in a past post we were going to get a line on needles and hooks. We have formed that relationship with a few, but, I just don’t see fit to order a minimum $1000.00 USD of product ATM so we will wait on this until we are fully busy enough to be moving that sort of thing quickly!




In conclusion of this months update, I hit a wall a few weeks ago in wanting to push the envelope. I mean, anyone can take some dye powder and sprinkle it on some yarn and call it something but, In hopes of creating something unique to me and not wanting to just create something that has already been created before, I had to get back to basics. I started in Kindergarten, learning the primary colors. Then grade One by learning the secondary colors and finally moving onto Third grade with the Tertiary colors. From there I graduated University with an art degree learning everything there is to know about color theory. After hours and hours of mixing and creating I have finally come up with a line of complex colors we can replicate! Yahoooo!!!!! These colors are rich and have depth and beauty and tertiary colors aside, they make it lovely to imagine knitting your next big project with.  In hopes of finding MY unique style of kettle dying colors that are absolutely sensational, I am working very hard every day at my new venture and dream of one day having a warehouse FULL of kettle dyed and hand painted yarn in the most amazing colorways EVER!





If you have made it to the end of my post I just want to thank you for being present and sharing in my thoughts as I get them down on paper. I want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We have sent yarn as far as Leawood Kansas and Ellensberg Washington and a few little places in between. I want to thank you for choosing us as Calgary’s Northwest Yarn Store and following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can place your online order securely via Paypall and pick up your order anytime that Is convenient for you! We offer high quality merino, merino silk, tussah silk and soon to be a merino BFL Alberta blend. We also have a DK weight natural Alpaca left undyed and natural as they would be seen in the farmyard… Just a little spun and a LOT cleaner :))) We carry this in natural beige as well as black! No black dye was used in the coloring of this fiber!!! We have a super wash and an organic non super wash selection and we are coming out with new products daily so please, check back often. all of our yarn bases are aptly named after a Calgary park offering a link through ravelry to the city of Calgary website with all of the history and information on that particular city park. We offer fast and easy shipping to Canada and the U.S. currently. We are Calgary’s first online Yarn Store and we are proud to be Canadian! A link to all of our fine yarns on Ravelry can be found HERE

Christmas Ornament – December 13, 2015


These mini knit ornaments are absolutely adorable and make a great gift for that friend who is hard to buy for. Every knitter needs one of these hand made ornaments on their tree!

First I started off by dying my yarn to the color I wanted. I used these Jolly Rancher drink packets that I picked up at the Dollar Store. The apple green was pale so I used a bit of my emerald green acid dye and dyed up a small amount of yarn for my project.


We have some for purchase in our SHOP if you like:)

This is a sport weight 100% merino wool!

Next you will need toothpicks and some beads. I picked up the wooden beads in a large assorted package from Micheal’s. I cut off the sharp points on both ends of the toothpicks with a heavy duty craft scissor, then I used some sand paper to sand a nice end to resemble a knitting needle. Gentle here as to not snap the toothpicks. When I was happy with my needle tips, I glued the beads on the other end with a bit of white carpenters glue. I left these over night and the glue dried clear.

Last year, I made these with embroidery floss and knit them on the toothpicks. That was tedious! This year I got smart and used my U.S. 1 sock needles and knit up my little swatch in no time…

Here is where you can have fun with it!

I did a little tree with some colorwork but the sky’s the limit!

I would like to see a green tree next with my speckled hand dyed merino!

I cast on 18 sts and did a k2, p2 rib so that my piece would stay flat and not curl up inside the ball.

When my piece was complete and the length that I wanted, I transferred it onto the adorable handmade needles and stuffed it gently into the ornaments glass top. The needles were the last to go in and it was fairly easy to get through. I picked up the clear glass ornament’s at Micheal’s as well. I was thinking you could put a bit of artificial snow in the bottom of the ball before stuffing your knitting in. That would be absolutely adorable.

Last year, I used some bamboo skewers that I picked up at Dollarama and they are a bit heavier than the toothpicks and looked really great as a set of needles as well. I like the bead Idea on the end as it really seems to finish them off! Have FUN with it!

Wishing you and yours a very special holiday filled with tons of laughter and Cheer!

Merry Christmas,


Shop Update – November 25, 2015

Well well well, we have certainly been busy since our dream of becoming Calgary’s first and only online yarn store become a reality. We have been working hard at every facet of our construction; from social media, to our web page design and updates to our you tube video’s, advertising and photography. We have been hand painting our amazing fibers and kettle dying our latest colorways non stop and with a wonderful amount of commitment. Every piece of the puzzle has been a labor of love. We have learned so much in this adventure and hope to continue doing so for years and years to come. Every one of our amazing yarns can be found on Ravelry and named after this great city of ours that I feel so very blessed to reside in, “Calgary”. My home of all my fabulous years (I will not say how many that may be) lol… YES! all of our splendid natural yarns are so notably named after Calgary’s natural parks and green spaces:))). Being born and raised in this beautiful city, I cannot even begin to tell you the joy and pride that brings…
Our Yarns On Ravelry

My dream; to “Teach the World to Knit” is also quickly becoming a reality, with our very first video posted today, a two part series, Learn to Knit! Please, share with all your friends who are wanting to learn the basics… You can also subscribe to my channel and learn the not so basics too!
YYC Knits on You Tube

We have had some very exciting things going on behind the scenes including posting our second design up on Ravelry TODAY for YYC Knits and designed with the ever so amazing and my personal favorite, Malabrigo Yarn. Yep, that’s right. It really has not quite yet had a chance to sink in but, “I am designing for Malabrigo Yarn”, squeeeeeeeee…. I cannot wait to get my third design up on Ravelry. Wait for it, It’s coming soon!
Death by Chocolate- Our First Design

and our latest and greatest FREE pattern on Ravelry:
Iceberg Mittens – FREE download

So, just a wee…. update and a glimpse behind the scenes of a dream of this young girl!

We hope to have a complete line of needles, dyes and natural fibers as well as our very own hand dyed yarns in every weight and ALL the colors. We will continue to grow as we see fit!

Thank you for following our adventure. We are overjoyed with your support! There is nothing I love more than following your projects that have been created using our hand dyed 100% natural yarns!


Grandma’s House – October 3, 2015

This is where the journey all began.  A tribute to my Grandmother…

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about this amazing woman.  She is so much a part of what made me who I am today.  Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I spent my summers at Grandma’s house in Lethbridge, Alberta.  It was there that I learned many life skills that unknowingly to me at the time, were shaping  and forming me into the woman I have become today. Summers spent with my Grandparents were among the fondest memories of my life.  It was there that my God given ability to use my hands was shaped and molded in our day to day activities of back to basics.  Those skills carry me through to this day and assist me to be a better housewife, chef, housekeeper, organizer, groundskeeper, gardener, craftsman, woodworker, fisherman, driver, animal lover and so….much more.  My Grandparents both exemplified what it was to live a life of fruitfulness as it states in Galatians 5:22-23 –But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.  It was there, at Grandma’s House, we went back to basics. Grandma and Grandpa both moving into the city from the farm had a little piece of self sustainability on their little city lot where Grandma had her rose garden and grew all the vegetables she needed to make it through the winter.  I learned the value of a dollar, I learned that out of anything can be made, something.  Every day there was much to be done, cooking, cleaning, ironing, starching Grandpa’s hankies… Grandma was always busy.. When her day was done she would pick up her crochet hook and away she would go, working on the next afghan.  An heirloom she left behind for all of us to enjoy!  I remember at about 8 years of age…. her teaching me to crochet a little duck that would house a bar of dove soap and I was instantly “hooked”!  lol.  I couldn’t stop making these little instant gratification projects… As a matter of fact, I lined the top of the toilet tank with one of every color…  I loved crocheting… She taught me to make a little butterfly…it was really a circle, folded in half and attached was a pipe cleaner for the tentacles… in the middle we fixed a piece of sticky magnet.  Soon, the fridge was lined with a butterfly with every color combination possible.  It was one day, I wanted to learn to knit and I was having difficulties, that Grandpa went out to his shop and cut a dowel in half and sanded down the tips… I still have these… My first set of knitting needles:) Grandmas craft room took up the majority of the basement and in it contained everything but the kitchen sink.

P_20150905_151049 P_20150905_151335


Welcome- September 5, 2015

Hello there, my name is Lesley and I would like to welcome you to my website.  In the next few months I will be working on developing a webpage that will be both informative and inspirational.  There is nothing I would enjoy more than to share my love of natural fiber and needle craft by offering some you tube tutorials on whatever it is you may need help with as well as offering up some of my hand painted high quality yarns for sale.  I would love to use this blog as a place to inspire, create, and inform.  My other LOVE? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I enjoy taking a piece of well made solid wood Canadian furniture and giving it a little shabby chic.  This comes in very handy when you need storage for hundreds of skeins of hand painted yarn.  This site is a work in progress as are we, but I hope that you continue to check back and join us in this exciting time of development and growth.  Enjoy!

IMG-20150705-WA0003 YYCknits (11)